Zoo Rug RB7A8E7E7032 - Rug
Zoo Rug RB7A8E7E7032 - Rug

Zoo Rug RB7A8E7E7032 - Rug

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Description: Zoo Rug RB7A8E7E7032 - Rug

  • Great for any decor, adds texture to the floor and complements any decor.
  • Feels soft under your foot and vivid colors won’t fade over time. Your rug will instantly add fashion to any room decor. It features trendy colors as well as its design.
  • Beautiful, blended colors along with clean, easy-to-match designs make your rug perfect for any room, home or office.
  • Easy to clean (You can wash or use a vacuum cleaner to clean).
  • Material: Flannel surface, sponge middle and non-slip plastic spots non-woven fabric bottom. Thickness: 5-7mm. It is woven and print by advanced technology, good fastness, largely soft, nice water absorption.


  • Carpets are folded neatly in transit, so as soon as you open the package you will see wrinkles. The carpet should be straight for about 7 days after you spread it on the floor, or right after you wash it.

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